Youth Club

The HOH Christmas party is ALWAYS loads of fun!

*An opportunity to connect with other like-minded horse lovers!

*A chance to interact with horses even if scheduling won't allow regular lessons

*Free educational opportunities!

*A low-impact way to be introduced to the concepts of Progressive Horsemanship or to see if it is something for you!

The HOH youth club, officially called the Rope Slingers, is just as much for adults as for children-- we often have more adults than kids!-- and is a way for clients who never see each other due to different schedules to meet and connect or for new folks to be introduced to HOH and those who make it up in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Meeting topics vary each month and may cover upcoming events, calendar scheduling, equine body parts, horse health topics, training methods, or anything else that participants suggest as an interesting topic!  You do not have to be a client to join us, just a horse lover!

Come join us on the third Friday of every month at 6:30pm for snacks and the current topic!  Please feel free to contact us for more information or directions.

              Oh what fun it is to ride.... at Herds of Hooves!