• Skypoose


    Skypoose is a retired Appendix gelding with far more spirit that his old body can handle. He originally came into the Walkers' lives on a personal level in March 2003 and has proven his greatest joy to be outwitting people. HOH helped him to do the popular move of going to FL for his retirement where he keeps a beautiful mare company and their capable owner on her toes! Herds of Hooves was the second rescue to care for him as he came from a wonderful rescue in Cumming, GA called The Horse Rescue, Relief, and Retirement Fund. See our links page to visit them. He is proof that there are many great people out there willing to help horses in need!

  • Katie


    Katie was with us for a short time from Dec 08 to April 09. She was purchased to fill our void for another beginner level lesson horse, but her apparent history in barrel racing made her too sensitive and forward for new riders. We reluctantly placed her with a couple who later placed her with-- who else-- a barrel racer! While Katie did not fill our needs, we are so happy that she found what seems to be a lasting match with an owner who understands and appreciates her needs!

  • Falcon


    An '05 model, "Supreme Zepher" (affectionately known as Falcon) is out of Weiscamp breeding, Skipper W specifically. His older brother took the Palomino title in Colorado in 2006; he himself has a touch of "cow" and-- of course-- he's the right color! Nearly a finished horse and a product of what Progressive Horsemanship can do, he is currently building an HOH student's confidence and skill set and has eyes for the show ring-- the perfect place for such a horse and we wish them the BEST of luck!

  • Knight


    Knight, officially known as "Southern Zepher," is Falcon's half-brother. They are like two sides of the same coin in color and personality. Knight lacks some of Falcon's confidence, but is terrifyingly agile, athletic, and graceful. After giving Knight a good start and foundation skills HOH placed him in a home who appreciated athleticism in horses and fell in love with Knight's people-oriented personality. Later suffering from a freak leg injury, Knight's home has stood by him through a tremendous surgery and recovery and has proven their faithfulness to him many times over. A true forever home!

  • Camelot


    Camelot was Abby's assigned yearling for Mission 007: the Yearling Edition of the Extreme Mustang Makeover held Sept. 2008 in Fort Worth, TX. A competition designed to show the trainability, intelligence, and bond offered by mustangs, Abby took on the challenge as a competitor and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Having no intention of keeping Cam, she prepared him for his new owner but was so struck by the depth of the bond he offered that she found she just couldn't leave him behind to a stranger. He became HOH's first official mustang ambassador and did 3 mustang demo events before he was 2 and was later placed in his forever home. Now started under saddle and preparing for a career in competitive trail and dressage, we are so excited to see where Camelot's inquisitive and intelligent personality will continue to take him. To find out about mustangs and mustang events on the national scale, go to our links page and check out the Mustang Heritage Foundation and the Bureau of Land Management's Adopt-a-Horse program.

  • Harley


    This is Harley, a 2001 QH/Appaloosa cross. She was not technically a rescue we placed, but was with us for 4 years in our no-grass environment and, along with her owner Krissy, is a part of our extended family and must be recognized. She faced much adversity in her life of 8 years, but showed herself to be as tough as nails when it really counted and to live every day to the fullest with gratitude and an enthusiastic spirit, without wasting time bemoaning past hurts or even present pain. Her health progressively deteriorated over her last few months until all options were exhausted and the decision was made to release Harley's very sound spirit from her very broken body. She no longer hobbles around but instead, as of Jan. 15, 2010, is running wild with Heaven's herd.

  • Phoenix


    Phoenix was a 1993 model Champagne (a lesser known color breed). She came to Abby as her first real training / rescue project and was called a "demon in hooves." She became more of an angel as she has learned that she would be heard and listened to. With a heart of gold with a whole lot of "try" she was placed as a first horse for a talented teenage student of Progressive Horsemanship and she faithfully taught the lessons she learned until bone cancer took her body in August of 2010. She will be forever remembered for opening the eyes of the humans who knew her.

  • Rebel


    This is Rebel. He is a miniature hinny(miniature horse / cicilian donkey cross). Standing at 33.5 inches and weighing in at 300 lbs, he's quite a sight. He was a rescue who, after helping out at Reins of Life by using his life experiences to teach troubled kids, went on to a permanent adoptive home where he continues to be quite the character. Check out Reins of Life's programming by going to our links page.

  • Daisey


    Daisey, a 1996 medicine hat paint mare, was an auction rescue in the midst of chronic founder. After healing her feet and making her more comfortable with beginners and children than she ever thought she would be, she went on to live with a grandfather who wanted a sound-minded lady for his grandchildren. And a lady she is.

  • Kal


    This registered QH's name is Lil' bit of Skip, but we nicknamed him Kal, short for Kal-El, as in Superman. He has as much integrity, justice, and heart as temper when he feels he has been wronged. This awesome horse had a permanent injury to his shoulder and he went on to walk his new owner through her own debilitating injury, proving once again that soundness of heart is far more important than soundness of body.

  • Beau


    Beau is now a nearly 30 year old Thoroughbred who came to us in December 2006. He is very intelligent, has an opinion about most things, and has some awesome training in him. We loved uncovering the facets of "Bo-Bo's" personality and ability as we used him for an advanced student horse. In fact, one student loved him so much that he became her very own first horse and, now that age has significantly slowed him down, he is starting a new chapter with his family as a ministry horse!

  • Cody


    Isn't he beautiful?! Cody came to us in May 2007 as a wonderful Progressive Horsemanship instructor embraced retirement and wanted her two boys to continue their work as teachers in the PH method of training and riding and be in such a home. He is of Spanish breeding and all who meet him have not only been taken with his beauty, but also by what a gentleman he is. Ready to slow down from active lessons, he was placed in a student's home then, when she outgrew horses, he came back to HOH. Placed in an adult home, he became a wonderful teacher for a novice rider until life changes forced his owner to return him once again to HOH. Placed back in his original adoptive home, Cody is now one of the foundation members of a new outreach ministry. A real life example of HOH's commitment to see that rescued horses do not slip through the cracks and that such is only possible with wonderful folks willing to make a difference!

  • Cheyenne


    Cheyenne and Cody had been together since 1992 so when Cody left Cheyenne went , too! A 1982 model paint gelding of small stature, he was an absolute pleasure to work with and did a wonderful job teaching both young and old alike! Unfortunately, this old boy eventually had little left in the way of good strong teeth and needed a very soft grass pasture to supplement his diet. So, he was placed along with Cody in a wonderful family who cared for him until age finally walked this old gentleman across the rainbow bridge in 2010. Congratulations on a life well lived, ol' boy.

  • Dixie


    Dixie came to us in the fall of 07 on what was thought to be the last leg of her journey. Her loving owners were at their wits' end in their attempt to heal her from such a severe case of founder that one hoof had become completely cloven and she preferred lying down to standing. It had been advised to them to put her down but, in an act of love for their horse, they offered her to Joe-- if his natural trimming methods and our dietary maintenence could heal her, he could have her. So, we carefully hauled her home, Joe went to work on her feet, and Abby went to work on her diet. We are greatful for the trust that was placed in us as we ended up with an awesome, cocky, Appaloosa trail horse who, while she won't be on a grass pasture ever again in her life, is as sound as any horse out there and who is bringing her new owners loads of entertainment and adventure in both trail riding and obstacle challenges!

  • Sachel


    This young lady came was born in the spring of 2007 and came to us at only 6 months old. After offering this Poco Bueno-bred filly stability and the chance to learn at a relaxed pace we were proud to adopt her to a wonderful lady who always dreamed of having a beautiful black and white foal. That foal has become a gorgeous young saddle horse who is now being leased to a young woman as a finishing training project.  A long, safe life is ahead for this young mare!

  • Sera


    Sera was Sachel's mom and came to us very underweight and trying desperately to keep her baby fed. An ex-barrel racer, she turned out to be an intelligent, albiet suspicious, mare who'd seen her share of hard times. We had the pleasure of taking her in and, over the course of a few months, getting her placed with a wonderful family as a young lady's first horse. What a happy ending!

  • Jewel


    When Jewel came to us she was physically healthy but had learned in her two short years to be very suspicious of people. With time and patience (a whole year's worth!) she began the road to being a safer horse and has now gone on to AL where her spunky new owner has the confidence and ability to continue her training and rebuild her trust.

  • Cowboy


    Cowboy came with a personality of gold and a willingness to put aside all grudges for a new start. We placed him very carefully to a new owner who has restarted him under saddle and, in addition to his real name of Cowboy, he is also commonly called "the best boy!" by his new mom-- the BEST happy ending!

  • Rose


    Rose has lived her whole life in service to people. A lovely bay QH mare, she was purchased many years ago by a mother looking for a really nice horse for her children. Once they outgrew her and as she aged, lack of use and founder became an issue. Always looking to the best interest of her horses, Rose's owner sent her to us where she was used in programming and eventually placed with a student looking for a confidence-building horse. After some time and life changes in her adopter, she came back to us and was placed with a retired adult client looking for an unflappable trail horse. A perfect match for a perfect retirement!

  • Cindy


    Cindy was Rose's long time companion and the first mount of Rose's young charges. When Rose's owner decided to place her, she also found the faith in us to place Cindy as well. A lovely little pony, Cindy was used as a lesson horse for a time and then went to a family where she was to be the first horse of an 8 year old, then his toddler-aged brother, and eventually their now new-born sister. However, life changes in her adopters led her to return to us where she was placed with a horse professional as the resident babysitter and lead-line pony for toddler and young relatives. Her job will never end-- and she likes that just fine!

  • Dakota


    Dakota is a lovely, sweet-natured little 2007 filly. She competed as a yearling in the 2008 Extreme Mustang Makeover as a yearling and did very well. She was adopted out in hopes of becoming a mountain trail horse but the adopter lost the lease on his pasture and is had to let go of his horses, so Dakota came home again. We are sure she has found her forever home now with a long-time student who had the privilege of starting her under saddle herself and who hopes a life of competition and pleasure riding awaits them both! Another successful mustang ambassador!

  • Zach


    This little guy is called Zach, short for Zaccaeus-- for obvious reasons! He is a handsome 33 inch miniature palomino gelding who was generously sent to us to hopefully be an ambassador to our smallest and most fearful clients-- both on and off site due to the ease with which his small size can be transported. He comes with a history full of Amish training and, while stand-offish at first, Zach has quickly warmed up to all of the ohhing and ahhing over him. He is currently on lease to keep another miniature horse company who was too sad to be alone!

  • Redemption


    Redemption, aka Rede, is a 2002 grey BLM mustang mare who we found in August 2008 at a local auction. She was severely under weight and had obvious signs of severe physical trauma, not to mention an intense fear of humans. We were able to heal the physical through medication and good feed, but the mental and emotional will take far longer to heal. We were so happy to find a lovely couple with a 60 acre farm and a heart for mustangs who just couldn't let her pass by. We are so grateful for folks with a talent who are willing to reach out and step up. Thanks, guys

  • Pepper


    Pepper scored 1.5 on the body condition scale as she was placed on the auction block. We paid $10 for her because we could not let her be lost even a day longer. She had no teeth to speak of, but happily slurped her senior "soup" 5 times a day for months. We eventually made the decision to let her go and she crossed the rainbow bridge in March of 2010. After a life of service to people, the only thing we could offer was a safe and dignified end to her days and we were humbled for the opportunity to do so.

  • Roxy


    Roxy, a 2004 saddlebred mare, came to us when her owner was facing serious life changes. Uncertain of where life was taking her, Roxy was lovingly entrusted to us to hopefully find a forever home. We were proud to do so and Roxy is now a wonderful trail partner as she and her new owner trail blaze all over NW GA. Ride on!

  • Gandalf


    "Foul Weather" came from the race track in Florida to a loving home who, when she could no longer care for him, entrusted him to HOH. Spending some time with us, Gandalf showed us he really longed for a competition home and to such a home he went. He is now a school and competition horse for a hunter / jumper barn in SC. The right horse for the right job!

  • Ace


    "Escalade," an off the track thoroughbred and very successful eventer is a talented jumper and wise competition horse. When his owner faced several life changes that forced her to give him up, she chose to allow HOH to place him and he went on to take a young lady into her college riding career where he continues to shine and bring home the blue ribbons in dressage!

  • Max


    Max, a registered APHA gelding, came to us from a loving owner in a place of frustration. With an undiagnosed hind leg lameness, she was at her wits' end in her attempts to make him comfortable and called on HOH to give it a try. We were so impressed with his manners and obvious foundation, that we could not resist the desire to help him. With the help of a vet who specializes in lameness, we determined that Max was suffering from navicular disease that was causing him to compensate with his hind end to the point of overt lameness. With special focus on a diet designed to keep him lean, a 3 week trimming schedule by Joe to rework his hoof angles, and regular low-impact exercise, we were proud to see improvement in a matter of several weeks and working soundness a year later. He will never do high impact competition, but he is doing a wonderful job being leased to a young lady as her lesson / trail / western and english show / obstacle challenge horse-- in other words, he's busy and happy!

  • Gwen


    HOH aided in a horse seizure in the fall of 2010 where, through the help of one of our most devoted clients and volunteers, we were able to say yes when HOH was asked to foster the two BLM mustangs that were amongst the horses in distress. There is a negative stigma attached to mustangs in many people's minds that makes placing them more difficult.... and life circumstances had not made that far from the truth with these two. HOH was later able to gain ownership of the two in an attempt to ensure their lasting safety. Gwen was reserved, in the worst physical shape, and just tried to shut out the world to make it. However, that has changed drastically with the care offered in her foster home and the loving one-on-one attention now being offered to her from her new adopter. Now called Rio, she is loved devotedly for the gentle spirit she is and we are so excited to see how she continues to develop.

  • Maddie


    The other of the two BLM mustangs of whom HOH was able to gain ownership, Maddie had learned to fight her way through any situation. A tiny black filly of only 2 years old, she resembled a Tasmanian devil more than a horse and was entirely too young to be so angry. Having spent some time at HOH getting her behavior stabilized, we finally came to a place of feeling ready to place her and have found the perfect match in a woman who fully accepts where Maddie is without being willing to leave her there. Maddie is starting to resemble a mischevious puppy more than a devil these days and we fully believe that her intelligence and desire to connect will lead to a wonderful horse / human partnership.

  • Caspian


    Caspian was an HOH apprentice's first horse, first wild mustang, first competition horse, first colt to start, and first horse to place.  Many firsts! He came to her in 2008 as a wild yearling in the inaugural yearling edition of the Extreme Mustang Makeover.  Adopting him from the BLM, his owner successfully started him under saddle and helped him develop into a wonderful trail and CTC horse.  Another first-- getting married-- forced his owner to reevaluate Caspian's needs in relation to her new responsibilities and she made the difficult decision to seek placement for him.  He found the perfect match in the mom of two HOH students who wants to develop relationship, understanding of Progressive Horsemanship, and another connection between she and her daughters.  Caspian continues to have an important job!

  • Molly


    Molly has spent her entire life in the service of people and she continued that service during her time here from 2009 to 2012.  Finally telling us she was ready to retire from mainstream teaching, we were priviledged to offer her for adoption to a retirement home where-- with the slightly more relaxed lifestyle-- Molly is back to sassily running things and teaching her human adopters all the things she thinks they need to know!  Just don't tell her how much she needs the care and affection she's being offered in return.

  • Rae of Light_mid.jpg

    photos/Rae of Light_mid.jpg

    Born in June of 2011, Rae of Light was the ultimate surprise and the first horse to be born in HOH's care. Unbeknownst to HOH-- or her attending veterinarian!-- she was hiding in a rescued mare's womb and announced her presence in a patch of grass over the summer. Now just beginning her training, she will be taught from the beginning onward in Progressive Horsemanship and we hope to have many stories to tell as she grows!

    Rae of Light