• Bella


    Bella was born about 1995 and is a Morgan cross mare who came to us in May of 2007 with chronic laminitis and various behavior issues. She is now healthy, reserved, and positively beautiful. You might very well see her at a festival or taking a student on a trail ride as she is absolutely unflappable in most any situation, especially if she doesn't have to sweat!

  • Grace


    Grace came to us early in 2011 as an approximately 22 year old girl. This horse has a story to tell if only she could talk. She spent some early years as a successful eventer, but later found herself at a local auction presented by a horse trader. Purchased by a kind family, she taught them a good deal about riding before life changes forced them to give up their horses. So, Grace came here and, while she has not been untouched by the down times in her history, she still willingly teaches and has proven to be a reliable mount for all ages.

  • Sienna


    Sienna came to us as a Christmas 2009 present! She is a 1994 model BLM mustang mare with a history as a children's mount, trail horse, and less-than-successful english show jumping horse. While she may not be able to jump very high or turn a judge's eye with her looks, she is plunky, determined, proud, and-- secretely-- very gentle-spirited. She lost her right eye to cancer in early 2011, but has displayed her mustang heritage proudly in her determination to continue on without a hitch, so she remains an active participant out here in the red dirt!