Work Scholarship

Here at Herds of Hooves there is a commitment that the greatest requirement of students is a willing mind and a committed spirit. Financial constraint should not be an inhibitor to having horses in one's life. 

Therefore, we offer work scholarships on a limited basis upon application and space availability.  Applicants must...

*be at least 10 years old

*show a marked determination and desire to work for their lessons

*have the commitment and support of an adult who will be responsible for supporting HOH's effort to develop an appropriate work ethic in the participant

*sign up for a limited number of lessons without work scholarship initially in order to evaluate likely success as a work scholarship recipient

Work scholarship recipients may work off up to half of their lesson fees and may accumulate hours to be banked for a later time (such as working over the summer to have hours built up during the winter).  Work hours may not be exchanged for money, but may be used at any time up to a year after they have been accumulated.  Recipients will be required to keep a log of their hours and also be responsible for appropriately crediting and debiting hours in said log.

If you or your child has always dreamed of having horses in your life but expense has made it impossible, consider work scholarship as an option!  Contact us for more information and, of course, there is always room for another volunteer who would like to be in the farm atmosphere!