Horse Rescue

Herds of Hooves' rescue mission is that no horse fall through the cracks who comes through our farm gates.  Whether that horse be at risk due to behavioral, physical, or training issues, we seek to better the horses and educate the people who come into contact with them. 

Due to limited space, funds, and manpower, HOH takes a very limited number of rescue cases at one time.  While we would LOVE to help every horse we meet, being good stewards of our time and resources, not to mention seeking to provide QUALITY of care to those we serve, is our primary goal.  We will make a difference one horse at a time.

Please go to the "Education / Outreach tab" and click on HOH care philosophy to learn more about our philosophy of rescue.

We do typically have a few horses looking for homes and do have an adoption process that includes learning about potential adopters, meeting potential horses to see if a match is likely, and an adoption contract that prohibits adopted horses from leaving the care of adopters without first seeking permission of HOH and commiting to never send an adopted horse to auction or slaughter.  We seek quality, permanent matches and, while we do have adoption fees, any funds aquired from an adoption are used to help other horses in need. 

We also welcome volunteer help and knowledgeable foster homes.  If you are interested, please go to the "contact us" link and send an email.

To see horses who are currently available, please go to our "Horses" tab.