Onsite Lessons

Come on out and play out here in the red dirt!  We offer multiple options, including....

*Group lessons

*Private lessons

*A one-time horse experience to see if horses are right for you

~See our services summary page for pricing~

All participants-- regardless of weather or time of year-- are required to wear long pants, smooth soled shoes (preferably boots with a one-inch heal BUT NOT a higher heal or boots with thick tread on the bottom), and an ASTM or SEI certified horse riding helmet (helmets are available for use while onsite if you do not have your own).

All lessons are available with the help of our lesson horses OR you can bring your own horse along to take part in the learning! (Please have a current negative coggins, be utd on shots and deworming, and have no signs of sickness.)

Information is offered through the Progressive Horsemanship method, a form of natural horsemanship that emphasizes a solid foundation to create measureable stair steps of achievement both in the human and the horse.  Learn horsemanship, beginning riding skills, horse behavior modification, horse management and husbandry, fear management, problem solving and then wherever you'd like to go from there!  Trail, obstacles, english, western! 

We will not prepare you to be a "rider," but to be a "horseman."