The L.E.A.D. Ministry

Lord's Equines Assisting in Discipleship

The L.E.A.D. ministry is a collaborative effort of Campus Community Church, Herds of Hooves, and Toccoa Falls College.  By weaving together the concepts of Christian Discipleship, Progressive Horsemanship, and Spiritual Leadership young people will be led to know our Lord more fully. 


The ministry acknowledges that God, our one true leader, has entrusted us with one of his beloved creatures, the equine.  From them we can learn much about our Creator, how to seek his will and walk obediently in the path that he directs us.


Young people meet weekly at Herds of Hooves under the guidance of LEAD visionary Deana Bethea, HOH director Abby Walker, HOH apprentices, and TFC student volunteers.  Each week the group studies a select scripture and applies its concepts to their assigned farm chores, horsemanship skills, and leadership within the group as well as to their daily lives.